The management of human resources management has begun to enter the field of decision-makers of enterprises, human resources management planning and strategy and business strategy fit, to build an effective human resources management platform and the system has become an important part of the enterprise development strategy.

The human resource motivation

Continue to adjust and perfect the reasonable and scientific salary welfare system. Human resource management from the aspects of staff qualifications, rank, position and the actual performance and achievements in the work, combined with the actual situation of the region and the same industry, formulate corresponding, attractive wages welfare standards and regulations. Wages

Human resources training

Group to establish the training system of norms, constantly update and improve staff and management knowledge and ability. First, must unremittingly to full training, according to the different training objects, select a specific practical theme, using appropriate training form. Second, to strengthen the training of management personnel

Human resource acquirement

According to the development of organizational strategy and business plan, human resources present situation and the development trend of the evaluation organization, collection and analysis of human resources supply and demand information and data, forecast the development trend of human resource supply and demand, develop human resources recruitment, deployment, training, development and development plans and other policies and measures